Watch “What is poverty? (three-minute video)” on YouTube

7 Oct

Watch “Poverty: Where We All Started” on YouTube

7 Oct

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

5 Oct


Watch “Why do competitors open their stores next to one another? – Jac de Haan” on YouTube

2 Oct

What is the internet, really?

29 Sep

What is the internet? Does it has a physical appearance? It is a place where we can actually visit? An interesting talk by Andrew Blum on Ted will give you the answer to these questions.


The power of a great introduction

28 Sep

A great video i found about how we can write a good introduction:)


A second thought on our memory

28 Sep

We always think that our memories are reliable and what we think we remembered are true and whatever scenarios we ‘see’ in our head are exactly the same as what had actually happened. This is a fallacious thought and forensic psychologist, Scott Fraser tell us why this is the case.