The Pros and Cons of Media

11 Sep

There are many types of media such as digital media, print media, broadcast media etc. However it can be categorised into two main types namely traditional media and new media. I’m going to summarise each of them into pros and cons to make it simple. I noticed that it is hard to find a decent and detailed list of the pros and cons of media, so im going to make one myself:)

Traditional Media


  • They are reliable (than new media)

Why? Firstly most traditional media are usually in the form of print media. So the information must be written by experienced writers and then it will have to go through a thorough editing process by a group of editors before the information are published to the public. And those companies having businesses in traditional media are usually big companies with a decent reputation and a legal position in society, so it is impossible for them to publish something indecent unless they want their businesses to collapse.

  • They are accessible to all

Yes, they are more accessible to people than new media because not all can afford the technology that is needed to access to new media especially in the rural parts of the world. You see, the devices that can access to new media are smartphones, tablets, laptops or a computer and none of them is inexpensive to poor people, so the only way for them to access to information is through traditional media. With just a few cents, they can purchase a local newspaper and all the information they need is all in. Also, the elderly are more comfortable with traditional media since they have been using it in the past and they do not see the need to learn a new skill in manipulating with the technology to have access to new media.

  • They are easier to control

traditional media are usually in the form of print media and they are produced by legal companies. So any information that are deemed as indecent or sensitive will be blocked (since they are from big legal companies, the culprit who publishes indecent information can be easily detected and no one is stupid enough to do that).

  • People have developed sentimental attachment to traditional media.

The feel of the pages and a sense of permanent cannot be found in the new media. In traditional media, the information is printed on paper which in turn form a physical object such as books or newspaper. Whereas, the information available in the new media seems so virtual and unreal as the information can be removed easily and at anytime. Books are still popular today even though there are ebooks such as kindle that are available to the people at an affordable price.

  • They increase our attention span

It is true that people are able to spend hours reading a book but not so when it comes to reading the same information online. This is due to the fact that the myriad information available on the internet makes it impossible for us to spend a lot of time reading just one piece of information. Our mind tend to wonder off easily and the most we could do is just to scan the information quickly and look for the next one. With more attention spent on traditional media, it can stimulate deep thoughts and also out creativity.


  • Time lack

the latest news that we read on newspaper have actually happened quite some time ago, maybe a few hours or a day. this is due to the time to process and edit the information before it is published to the public.

  • They are bias

I can’t deny that they are bias. the group of people who process the information are actually a group of people who share a common interest. For instance, most companies that own the media are actually governmental and information that are sensitive to the country are usually blocked or downplayed before they reach the public. So you see the newspaper in different countries are fundamentally different, Chinese newspapers do not often report cases of corruption in China while the American newspapers have all the news published regarding corruption in China and some even made it to the headlines.

  • Have impact on the environment

Traditional media often are in the form of print media so large amount of papers are needed everyday. Everyday millions or even billions of newspaper are printed in the world and it can have a detrimental impact in the long run. Also, when books are published, they are published in tens of thousands if not millions. imagine the impact in the long run..


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