The Pros and Cons of New Media

11 Sep


  • Accurate in time, no issue of time lack

events or news that occur at a point of time are immediately published through new media such as in Twitter, facebook or in Youtube. It is fast and easy to publish news through new media as there is not editing process and the need to print them on papers.

  • Highly interactive

Unlike traditional media, new media is highly interactive as the communication is always two way; between the publishers and the audiences. Hence new media is less bias than traditional media and it is more effective to listen to what others has to say especially on politics or governmental action. Thats why politics has now find its way into new media such as Facebook so that it can interact with people which is important to know whether policies implemented by the government is effective in the country.

  • It empower the voice of the individual

It is hard for an individual to find a voice and convey a message without the use of new media. It is easy for a message conveyed by an individual to reach the masses through new media especially in the form of social media. eg: Kony 2012, a campaign started by 3 friends which now ended up with more than 30000 americans plus 100 special-operation troops joined in the action.

  • Unite people

People can now unite together through new media for a cause or to start a campaign or evoke changes. Eg: Avaaz, a people-powered website where people sign petitions to start a campaign or evoke changes.

  • A medium for fame and popularity, Check these video out:





  • Shorten attention span

Nowadays, the generation living in the world of new media are known as “pancake” people; pancakes are wide and shallow just like how people nowadays have access to broad range of information but have shallow knowledge about them. see pros of traditional media.

  • Anonymous

People often do now disclose their real identity online. This result in them having lesser responsibility over the information they publish to the public. That is why there are many obscene images and information made available to the public. these people it also make it dangerous for people to make friends online.

  • Discourage face to face interaction

people are increasing using the internet as a substitute for them social life, new media has become the platform for them to express their feelings and ideas. This can result in lack of social skills in the society.

  • Harmful information

nowadays, the availability of hate websites result in homemade terrorists, these people are self-radicalised by having access to these websites. Also, many obscene images and informations can be easily found on the internet and nowadays kid are tech-savvy, if they are accessed to these information, it can be harmful to their mental health and also leads to addiction.


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