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12 Sep

A useful piece of information for AQ

Gee Pee Land

Although it is good to keep abreast about developments and wider characteristics of your society in preparation for the AQ, you shouldn’t discount the power of your personal experiences. Basically you need to find ‘X’ (with reference to the diagram above) where your personal experiences intersect with wider societal trends, such that meaningful and insightful observations can be made to support your evaluation.

The quality of AQ examples often fall within two extreme categories:

1) Relying too much on personal experience (left circle of Venn Diagram): Such examples are so overly specific and peculiar (often, even overly hypothetical) that they are difficult to generalize e.g. you saw somebody help a blind man cross a road in orchard, and so everyone is kind and altruistic; your dad actually called in to donate to NKF, and so everyone is amazingly generous 

2) Relying too much on distant knowledge of society (right circle of…

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