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13 Sep

This is a very interesting and lighthearted essay. The points she has made is quite true and interesting. I have found that some of the points she made was applicable to me too.

A Little Blog of Books

The eBook debate continues to rage incessantly and provoke some very important questions.    Is the controversy less about the value of books and more about the development of modern technology?  Who are the winners and the losers in this supposed eBook revolution?  Does it really matter what format books are available in?  For many people, it certainly does.

Although I don’t actually own an e-reader yet, I do plan to get a Kindle soon (hopefully for Christmas this year) after borrowing my sister’s one earlier this summer.  I will be using it almost exclusively for when I’m commuting by train as it is the practical side of e-readers which appeals to me the most.

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