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Plastic Logic Reader; technology for the future?

18 Sep

Well, maybe in the near future (about a few years later?). This technology is developed by Plastic Logic and has marked a possible revolution of traditional print media. They are improving this technology (the pictures in the reader is initially black and white and now it is coloured) and through mass production, this technology might be affordable and go mainstream. This reader is much lighter than the current eReader and is flexible (you can bend it), for now it can show pictures and some information on its screen and its function will be more sophisticated and advanced in the future. The reader have a high possibility to overtake traditional newspaper as people will not have to buy newspaper everyday as the latest news will be updated on the reader itself and it is lighter than newspaper and is easy to carry around. This video below shows a demo of the reader and i believe the reader was in its initial development:



and now the screen on the reader is coloured and more flexible.



Be prepared to see more of such developments in the future