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Essay skills: (1) How to write effective counter-arguments and (2) How to structure your essay (absolute terms)

16 Sep

read, think, write.

Dealing with absolute terms

It is usually easier to argue against (disagree with) terms like “always”, “never” and “nothing”. Conversely, it is usually easier to argue for (agree with) terms like “ever”.  In other words, you should always disagree with the absolute stand. This is because the abovementioned approach merely requires you to identify one instance which proves the point. With this in mind, how then do we incorporate good balance in absolute-term essays? After all, a good counter-argument would require us to prove “always” or “never”, or to disprove “ever”!

While there are several ways of incorporating effective counter-arguments into absolute-term essays, perhaps the easiest and most straight-forward one would be to use big, generally true arguments that people commonly put forth in an attempt to argue “always” or “never”.

For example:

There is nothing optimistic about the future of the environment. Do you agree?

Some people argue…

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